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Inglenook Fibers

Middle Earth Blend Sampler Pack - (5 oz.)

Middle Earth Blend Sampler Pack - (5 oz.)

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This is a sampler set of our Middle Earth blends (1 oz. each of 5 different blends, totaling 5 oz. of fiber), designed by us and made at a mill in the UK. 

Leaves of Lorien: Merino/Rambouillet/Peduncle and Mulberry silks/Pearl fiber/Icicle Stellina (35/25/25/10/5)

Edoras: Merino/Shetland/Sari and Mulberry Silks/FLAX (40/30/26/10)

Mirkwood: Merino/Zwartbles/Sari and Mulberry Silks/FLAX (40/25/25/10)

Hobbit Garden: Merino/Shetland/Sari and Tussah silks (40/30/30)

Grey Havens: Merino/Shetland/Sari and Mulberry silks/Tweed Blend (40/25/25/10)

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