About Us


When we purchased our first spinning wheel nearly 20 years ago, we never imagined what we were getting ourselves into. As Greek Orthodox Christian nuns (https://www.holynativityconvent.com), our simple life is centered around the daily cycle of church services, prayer, and our handicrafts. We support ourselves with the work of our hands, mainly by dipping beeswax candles, sewing religious vestments, making wooden engraved icons, and also hand-painting icon panels and canvases for walls of churches.

Then, graduating to dyeing my own ingredients to find "just the right color," I quickly became addicted! Not only that, but now I also wash fleece from various farms to blend into our batts. Another sister works with me, and we're constantly coming up with new color and fiber combinations. We're so grateful that we can continue this work, thanks to you, our wonderful customers!

Here we are at work: Stephie looking at color combos, I (Macrina) at the carder, and both of us in the fleece barn at Rhinebeck, 2018.