Batt in a Braid #35  - Weld (4.7 oz.) - Sw Merino (18.5 mic) /Merino (18.5 mic) / Tussah Silk (40/40/20) - Inglenook Fibers

Batt in a Braid #35 - Weld (4.7 oz.) - Sw Merino (18.5 mic) /Merino (18.5 mic) / Tussah Silk (40/40/20)

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This is part of our Natural Dye Series, dyed exclusively with natural dyes, such as: madder, cochineal, weld, logwood, brazilwood, osage orange, indigo, Saxon blue, Himalayan rhubarb, Quebracho yellow, and fustic. Please handle your fiber with care - as always - and wash in cool water with pH neutral soap.


This is a Batt in a Braid: this series is a set of custom-designed blends made to be as complex as batts, but in "braid" form - hence the name :-)
It's easier to remember by number than by a whole string of ingredients ...

This is Batt in a Braid #35
40% Sw Merino (18.5 mic) / 40% Merino (18.5 Mic) / 20% Tussah Silk

We find this much softer than the readily available blend with similar components.

I take great care to make sure that dye is sufficiently exhausted and heat set the fibers so there is minimal to no run-off. However, due to differences in water across the globe, what runs clear for me may bleed a little for you.

Please take care to hand wash your finished item in cool water and lay flat to dry. I also make every attempt possible to use a photograph that is as true as possible to the real color. Monitor settings may vary.