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Batt in a Braid #30- Toulouse (5.3 oz.) - Charollais/ Rambouillet / Black tussah /Mulberry silk (40/40/10/10)

Batt in a Braid #30- Toulouse (5.3 oz.) - Charollais/ Rambouillet / Black tussah /Mulberry silk (40/40/10/10)

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Based on one of the 2019 TDF colorways, Toulouse, one of the cities on the route this year, it is also in the area of the stunning sunflower fields they ride through which has become iconic. 

This is a Batt in a Braid: this series is a set of custom-designed blends made to be as complex as batts, but in "braid" form - hence the name :-)
It's easier to remember by number than by a whole string of ingredients ...

This is Batt in a Braid #30:

Charollais/Rambouillet/Black Tussah/ Mulberry Silk ( 40/40/10/10 ) 

A Custom blend, we love this new poofy softness, and think you will too!
Rambouillet is a merino soft fiber, with a little more tooth, this custom blend has the added texture of Charollais and the shine of mulberry silk and the richness of black tussah for a unique spinning experience.

I take great care to make sure that dye is sufficiently exhausted and heat set the fibers so there is minimal to no run-off. However, due to differences in water across the globe, what runs clear for me may bleed a little for you.

Please take care to hand wash your finished item in cool water and lay flat to dry. I also make every attempt possible to use a photograph that is as true as possible to the real color. Monitor settings may vary.

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